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Does Science Contradict Christianity?

MANY scientists and theologians have made the argument that Christianity is not at odds with the scientific world view. However, this claim is only partially correct. It is true that many portions of the Bible (for example, the Ten Commandments) … Continue reading

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Great Unsolved Mysteries of Science

GIVEN the remarkable degree of understanding that science now provides about the physical world, it is easy to lose sight of the numerous, enormous unsolved mysteries that still haunt the dreams of scientists. Below is a list of some of … Continue reading

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Ordinary Least Squares Linear Regression: Flaws, Problems and Pitfalls

LEAST squares linear regression (also known as “least squared errors regression”, “ordinary least squares”, “OLS”, or often just “least squares”), is one of the most basic and most commonly used prediction techniques known to humankind, with applications in fields as … Continue reading

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