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Is it worse to kill than to let someone die?

MOST people believe there is an important ethical distinction between actively harming someone (i.e. taking an action that harms them) and passively harming them (i.e. not taking an action to help them), and in particular that active harm is inherently … Continue reading

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On Total Certainty About God

IN a recent discussion about whether religions contain truth, my friend mentioned that “we cannot be 100% certain that there isn’t a God.” Indeed, the remark was correct, but it carries no weight in discussions of whether individual religions are … Continue reading

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How to REALLY Answer a Question: Designing a Study from Scratch

Suppose you’re interested in answering a simple question: how effective is aspirin at relieving headaches? If you want to have conviction in the answer, you’ll need to think surprisingly carefully about how you approach this question. Your first idea might … Continue reading

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