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Is it worse to kill than to let someone die?

MOST people believe there is an important ethical distinction between actively harming someone (i.e. taking an action that harms them) and passively harming them (i.e. not taking an action to help them), and in particular that active harm is inherently … Continue reading

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About: Religion, God, and Spirituality

At first glance, it may seem obvious that the bigger religions are more likely to be the one true religion, but on the other hand, no religion represents more than 50% of the population today, so clearly whatever God or Gods are out there didn’t care too much about making their message easy to discover. … Either, they want to attain the reward their religion offers (e.g. heaven), they want to avoid their religion’s punishments (e.g. hell), they want to avoid social ostracization, they want to be thought of as a pious and good person, they want to feel like a good person, they enjoy following the religious rules, or they feel like they owe something to their God or gods and follow religious laws out of a sense of obligation.

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Distinguishing Evil and Insanity : The Role of Intentions in Ethics

AFTER a little reflection, it is clear that the morality of a person who carries out an action doesn’t just depend on the action itself, but rather depends on the state of mind of the person who performs it. This … Continue reading

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