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How to REALLY Answer a Question: Designing a Study from Scratch

Suppose you’re interested in answering a simple question: how effective is aspirin at relieving headaches? If you want to have conviction in the answer, you’ll need to think surprisingly carefully about how you approach this question. Your first idea might … Continue reading

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Should We Trust Our Gut? : The Idealization of Intuition and Instinct

IT is common to hear advice that amounts to “going with your gut”, “trusting your instincts” or “following your intuition.” But these suggestions seem to indicate that the answers we arrive at through careful thought are sometimes (or perhaps usually) … Continue reading

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Will Terrorists Attack Manhattan with a Nuclear Bomb?

Recently, a friend of mine who lives in Manhattan posed to me the question of whether she should be afraid of living there due to the threat of terrorists setting off a nuclear bomb. As I feel this is a … Continue reading

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